Life of a small business is hard work but you can have fun as well. In this, we will be blogging about our ups and downs of running a lawn service, Snow Company and/or just day to day to day operations.


Today it is snowing again. It snowed last weekend and there was enough snow to build small snowmen. It is October and it has snowed two times. So does these mean that it is going to be a snowy Winter or not??? That is the big question, how much snow are we going to get??? It is hard to plan out for winter operations. That is the gamble with snowplowing.

New for this winter we are getting a salt brine sprayer. This will cut down on the salt that is put down and less harm to the environment. The link below is the company that we are getting our brine sprayer from. Until next time thanks for reading #snow #smallbusiness #lawn #veteran #veteranbusiness #salt


Today we got down the snowblowers, yes I said snow blowers. I know you are saying its October and there should not have snow until December or January. Well, this fall is a wet and cold time. Tonight we are going to get inches of rain. With a rain day, we had time to get out the snowblowers and get them running and get them ready for the snow. This fall could be short or long and we don’t know if we are going to get snow right away or after we are done with our fall cleanups. Now it will be one less thing we have to do to get ready for snow.

#veteran #smallbusiness #lawn #snow


WOW, where has the summer gone? I can’t believe it has been over 4 months since the last time I updated this.

First, we bought a building. A building you say… Yes. It is located in South St. Paul and has everything that we need/want.

Second, it is time for SNOWWWWWWwwwwww!!!!!! OOOOOO no!!! If it was like last year…. well I hope not as bad. We are investing in some new equipment to help us with the winter.


The Winter that did not want to give up came back to hit hard. I think it snowed a million inches (it was around 15 inches).

Today the snow is gone, last week there was a lot and now… NOW it is SPRING!!!!! We are a few weeks behind because of the snow, but challenge excepted. We hope to get on the yards this week still.

We are planning on fertilizing next week and hoping to finish up the spring cleanups next week to get onto the weekly mowing and landscaping.

We are getting into hardscape this year. What is Hardscape you ask? It is the outdoor living space, retaining walls, and paver patios. We are so excited for this next step.

As always thanks for reading!!!!!!!


Well, the snow is here. SNOW!!!!!!! Why-why-why????? It’s been snowing for many hours and going to be many more hours. We are already a few weeks behind for our spring-cleanups. This means we are going to have to work harder to get caught up. Challenge excepted!!!

On the upside, we are outbidding on different projects. From hardscaping to fertilizing to weekly lawn mowing.

We are getting ready for another great season of outdoor work.


Going to give bids today. I wonder how well my website is doing compared to other companies? Well, I hope it is good but I know nothing about building websites. I do know about Lawns and making them look amazing. Why can’t websites be as easy as creating beautiful lawns?

Well, I am off to bid on some places. So if you are ready thing thankyou!!!!:)


Well, today is going to BE AWESOME then tomorrow is going to suck. What do I mean by this? Well, I will tell you. Today is going to get into the 50’s, yes I said it the 50’s. It is going to be full sun and just amazing. It is going to be a great day to get outside. Then tomorrow it is not going to be nice at all and they are calling for….. SNOW aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaa!!!!!! Winter is not wanting to give up this year at all.

On the Lawn front, we are finishing getting all the equipment ready for the season and going out on bids. It is going to be a great year.


Today I woke up and there was SNOW!!!!! Snow is no good we cant get to work yet, and we are ready for Lawn work.

We got some of the equipment out and starting to fix what needs to be fixed and getting everything up and running. This is needed to make sure all the equipment is ready for a year of Lawn Mowing. With equipment working means the more we can do and not more time to fix.

On the good news, the phone is ringing. This is good because it means new clients and new business.


Do you ever feel that winter does not want to give up? The last few years winter was over before it started. But this year winter does not want to give up. The east coast has had several big snowfalls back to back to back. Now here in Minnesota, the snow is going to hit tomorrow night, well maybe. The weather forecast changes second by second so we don’t know what is going on. We want the snow gone so we can start mowing, fertilizing, and landscaping of peoples properties.  Well, that’s all, for now, thanks for reading.


Yesterday we had classes all day on the right ways to fertilize to eliminate waste and to become more effective. It is always good to learn/relearn ways to do your job. Sometimes we have to relearn ways to do our jobs. During the class, several people kept falling asleep. This is funny due to the fact they do not have any discipline to stay awake. In the Marine Corps if we fell asleep during a class we would get to go outside with 8 or more Drill instructors with nothing to do but make you strong and want to stay awake next time. (note this never happened to me, but it came close a few times.

Today we are finishing up our high sides for our 2016 GMC Serria 3500. Spring cleanups are right around the bend and then Lawn mowing. I am so excited.

Building the new high sides for the GMC 3500


One of the coolest things happened yesterday.

So I got a phone call, for a one time plow of a driveway. (it has not snowed for a few weeks) So, I said ok I could go over and plow it out. Sitting in the driveway are 2 vehicles, both with layers of snow. I asked the point of contact what they were going to do with the vehicles. She told me she was getting them towed away. One of the vehicles sitting in the snow is a Jeep Wrangler. As the businessman I am, I asked what she would sell it for.

She said, “if you tow it away you can have it.”

I said, “Yes I would tow it.”

So the next day I called her up to see if it would run and guess what… It did run. How cool is that? Even if it does not run all that well we have a free Jeep and we could take it to the junkyard.

This is why you should always answer your phone, you never know what might come of it. This one got us the one-time plow job, the jeep, and maybe some work for the future.

As always thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns and you can send those to


Today is why I hate daylight savings, do we really need it? No, we don’t need it anymore. This is my 2 times a year rant. One day it will be abolished, well I can hope.

Now back on business, we are getting the supplies to build the high sides on our new 2016 GMC Serria 3500. The high sides will allow us to fill the truck with leaves during the spring and fall cleanups. This will improve the number of leaves we can haul in one load, making the crews run more proficient.

The new GMC Serria 3500 was an accidental find for the company. We are always in the market for buying equipment, but not always in the market. What I mean by that is if the deal is so good I could not walk away from it we must act now or miss out. For this truck, we jumped on it right away. Not only will this truck help us out for hauling but will help us out for years to come. The downside of the truck is it is White when our Fleet color is Red.  That is not that big of a deal but we are trying to build the Village Lawn Service brand and we want everything to have uniformity. We were thinking that since we are a Veteran owned company we could have Red, White and Blue trucks. It is just an idea and maybe someday we will implement it.

Well, that is it, for now, thanks for reading. We hope you have a great day and if you have any questions please send an email @


It is time to stop thinking about snow plowing and start thinking about Summer and all the work we can do. Not just weekly Lawn Mowing but Mosquito control, or Fertilizing, or updating landscaping are services we offer.

Picture this you are sitting on your deck during the summer and not having to run inside when the MOSQUITOS come out. Summers are short in Minnesota and with these, bloodsuckers (not the Taxman) out in full force why not get the protection. Everone needs to spend more time outside.


Today we are going to get hit hard with a March snow storm. That is right Snow is going to hit the St.Paul Metro and will not be fun. It is going to be wet, heavy and no fun. But like the Marines, we are we will suck it up and push through it. Not every Snow event will be easy.


Today is the first day of March. Where has the time gone? Winter just started and now spring is knocking on the door. We are going to start getting all of our equipment out and running for this next mowing season.


Today we are still working on our Summer contracts. We are also letting everyone know the new services we offer. Every year we try to add something new to what we offer. This year we are adding Mosquito control, Japanese Beetle control, Ash Bore control, and fertilizing of trees and shrubs.  A lot of this can be done when we are at the different properties. This is a way we can kill two birds with one stone.


The Snow decided to come two times in three days. It would not be bad if it was a small amount but it was not. One was five inches and the other was six inches. We were out working for more hours then we would have liked but with some hard work, we got everything done. Some of our clients were not happy with our work or the fact that it took longer than they would have liked but we could only do so much. If you are reading this and we did not get to you in time I am truly sorry.

Today we have are getting the summer contracts ready to send out. Yes, I said summer this winter has been long and hard. So much more Snow this year than last. Last year the snow was all gone and people were out playing golf. This year people are out sledding still.

I am ready for summer and the Snow to be gone.


We are getting ready for the next snowfall. We have to make sure all of our plows and snowblowers are working properly. Nothing worse than a plow or snowblower going down and not working.

On a side note, I was working on the QandA and had a lot done and bam it was not saved. I can’t believe it did not save. Well, I learned something to make sure that I save the work I do. Next time I will Save Save Save.


Was out shoveling today and when I was working I had a feeling someone or something was watching me work. watch this videos and see if you can see what I am talking about.


Today is Presidents Day and we are getting some ice/snow today. We are getting everything that is needed ready and out for the snow.


Well, the best place to start blogging is now. As I wake up on this Wed morning in the winter there is so much that needs to be done before spring hits. We are working on the contracts for the next year. We are adding new services to what we already offer for services.

New Services

  • Mosquito control
  • Treating trees for the Asian beetle