Why the Fertilizer Type You Use Matters

When choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn, garden and/or trees can be tricky. There are so many different fertilizers that you can buy at the store or that different companies sell. We use this blog to tell you about our fertilizer products, how they work, and what the pros/cons of organic and chemical based programs.


Today we traveled out to De Smet, South Dakota to hear the latest product line from Earth Elements. They are the ones who have designed an amazing organic fertilizer. The products we use, Ultimate Grower and Liquid Boost, are not only safe for the environment, they are also pet friendly. They incorporate trace minerals that are known to help balance soil ph levels and help break up compacted soils. As the weeks progress we will dissect their formula to show you what the product is doing in our backyards.  http://earthelementsvf.com/ultimate-grower/

This year Earth Elements unveiled a new product call Agro-burst. Agro-burst is a foliar spray that encourages new growth and helps plants during times of stress. Another product they have is a water-based product that can be used to disinfect water lines without have to use high levels of chlorine or disinfectants like bleach. More impressively though, they have developed an organic product that can kill plants down to the roots without killing soil biology. We look forward to testing these products out this year.

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